The Ez-Treat PRO and Ez-Treat Jnr. pre-treatment machines are developed for direct to garment printing     and have advanced control systems to give fantastic performance with real time controls during operation.

With the easy to use control system you can turn off nozzles and set different heights & widths. Enjoy four different  spray values (volume control) and up to three different pre-treatments in one machine*.

The Ez-Treat range of machines automatically clean the four spraying valves (nozzles) during regular usage (consumption ca.12ml per hour). This helps to prevent the valves (nozzles) from becoming blocked or from drying out when the machine is not in use.

Ez-Treat machines have a patent pending pre-treatment distribution system and you can enjoy up to three different pre-treatments*. These treatments have independent volume flow control with up to four levels that can be easily adjusted by the user.

Each model of Ez-Treat machine range has five different programmable settings optimised for a diverse range of applications. The machines can make one or two passes with up to eight times the reduction in volume. Quite simply, the Ez-Treat range of machines are the most advanced in the market today – book a demo or visit the website to make your pre-treating Ez-ier than ever before!

* Dependent on model (Ez-Treat PRO / Ez-Treat Jnr.)